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Rahman "Rock" Harper is a nationally-recognized chef, community activist, educator, healthy food advocate, podcast host, restaurateur, and writer. Born in San Diego, California and raised in Alexandria, Virginia, Rock discovered the culinary arts during his teenaged years while spending summers in his grandmother’s kitchen in Tappahannock, Virginia making her angel biscuits and apple butter. Rock took that culinary inspiration and experience with him to Johnson and Wales University Norfolk, Virginia where he would graduate in 1996. Chef Rock has extensive restaurant experience, most notably serving at the Executive Chef for B. Smith's in Washington DC. 

Chef Rock gained national recognition when he won Season 3 (2007) of the Fox Reality television cooking show Hell's Kitchen, hosted by the legendary Chef Gordon Ramsay. In 2013, Chef Rock also won on an episode The Food Network's Chef Wanted with Anne Burrell where he was offered the executive chef position of The Precinct steakhouse in Cincinnati, Ohio.  He was the first chef in the show's history to not have one plate of food returned to the kitchen by a diner. 

In addition to his professional accomplishments, Rock remains committed to serving his community. Realizing the importance of serving others, Chef Rock also serves two causes close to his heart. From 2008 to 2012, he has served as the national celebrity chef of the March of Dimes. In addition, Chef Rock has committed countless hours - first as a Board Member, then as Director of Kitchen Operations and culminating his tenure as Culinary Instructor - to the DC Central Kitchen, an organization committed to ending poverty, homelessness and hunger in the District of Columbia. Chef Rock has also served as chef-chair for HeArt and Sole, Central Union Mission’s annual fundraiser that aids in their effort to combat homelessness. To add to his community service portfolio, in October 2010, Chef Rock released the well-received 44 Things Parents Should Know about Healthy Cooking for Kids. This book is an insight-filled guide for parents who wish to provide healthy but tasty meals for their children. 

In 2016, Chef Rock’s formed RockSolid Creative Food Group, LLC which focuses on empowering chefs and innovative, food-based programming for radio and television audiences. While he’s still creating new food concepts, Rock is determined to become a force in the television and radio arena. He’s the host of The Chef Rock Xperiment podcast, and a food-industry, after-hours radio show appropriately titled Shift Drink

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