Matt believes in a primal approach to fitness and nutrition.  He believes that humans are genetically built to move, eat, and live in certain ways, and by learning how to follow these primal patterns, we can access our full potential and gain complete control of our health and fitness.

Matt studied psychology at the University of California, San Diego, but chose to pursue his passion in the realm of health and fitness.  He has over a  decade of experience as a fitness and nutrition coach, and has most recently shifted most of his focus to eating and lifestyle practices.  He is the author of Ketogenesis: A Primal Guide, and the author of the Primal Fit blog.    

Your top 3 questions about nutrition

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This is your chance to ask three questions about anything related to diet or nutrition!  

Try to make your questions as specific as possible.  Ask about an individual topic that you want to know more about, and avoid overly general questions like “What foods should I avoid?” or “How do I lose weight?”.  


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