Host Setup Overview

Here are a few simple steps to get you started with setting up your Page!

  • Homepage Setup - Your VIDSIG Homepage is where you will introduce yourself and customize it with your Personal or Brand Bio, Pictures, Videos and Sessions
    • On your Homepage - You will choose your Name/Username for your Fans to find you or how they will easily recognize you or your brand
    • You will need to select your Talent/Profession - This is extremely important, this is how you will be seen when Fans are browsing looking for you or others with your same Talent/Profession.  
    • Upload your Cover Photo and Profile Picture - Your Profile Picture we suggest you use a Headshot, Logo or your Icon for your Fans to easily identify you. Your cover photo will show at the top of your personal page and your Profile Picture will show on
    • Add your Personal/Brands Bio - This is what your Fans will read and learn about you so share what you want them to know (If your Talent or Profession is NOT listed, email us and we will add it!)
    • You can also add up to four (4) photo that will show on your Homepage along with four (4) videos - choose ones that your Fans will enjoy. Videos that work BEST should be under 1-minute in length or max. size 50MB.

  • Managing your Sessions - Now that you have completed your Homepage, it is time to set up your Sessions. Follow these simple steps to begin! You will be able to enjoy FREE sessions with your fans or charge them to talk with you.
    • You will start with adding a Session Title and Session Description to your Session Page. This will let your Fans know what your topic of discussion is about. Be detailed and let them know your parameters too if any!
    • For your Session Settings - This is where you will decide on charging your customer or not, how long you will talk to each person, adding a comment box for questions, whether or not to send your fan your video interaction and last, the autocomplete option. Autocomplete is if you want to have your chat end at the exact time of the length of your chat session.
    • Session Photos - Add photos that represent your session or you and your brand!
    • Last it will be time to choose a date for your session. Adding a Session Date you will choose your date, time and time zone. The most important part of this is to choose how many people you want to chat with! Example - If you are Hosting 3-minute sessions and you want to talk with 10 people, your total time will be 30 minutes. 
    • Now it is time to see yourself on!