12 Weeks of One-On-One Coaching

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Twelve Consecutive Weeks of One-Hour One-On-One Coaching Sessions

If you're the type of man who does what it takes to get what he wants in life, you'll want to immerse yourself in the fitness process with a true master. You understand that the "next level" to anything in life takes effective strategies, perspective, accountability, and continual support over a long enough period of time.

During our twelve weeks together, that's what you'll get and more.

We'll meet here on VIDSIG every week for 12 consecutive weeks on the same day and the same time. Each of our sessions will be one-hour long. Structure is massively important for this process to work. I'll help you understand what you'll need to know and do with your workouts, eating, standards, and lifestyle to reach your specific fitness goals.

I'll help you understand the simple and most effective training and eating strategies so that you'll move forward with more certainty and confidence.

You'll get a video recording of every session so you can learn from them over and over again.

Your Coach,

Skip La Cour
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