VIDSIG Launches College Experience Experts for Parents and Students

VIDSIG's College Experience Experts program launched today after receiving hundreds of applications from undergrads who are now providing live, one-to-one video chats and honest answers about their experiences at schools in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia.

Parents, high school students, transfer students, and international students can have direct, one-to-one, live video conversations with these undergrads and get valuable information about their dream schools in an unprecedented manner, helping make incredibly costly tuition decisions much easier in the process.

“The costs related to tuition are staggering in many cases, and our service is now providing the masses with honest dialogue that can dramatically impact one’s college choice and one’s life after college,” stated Jonathan Yarnold, Chief Executive Officer of VIDSIG. “A ten minute conversation with an informed and candid undergrad on our platform can be incredibly powerful and we’re honored to be of service in this capacity.”

The service has become a viral sensation, garnering hundreds of applications in just a matter of days without any form of advertising. As of this morning’s launch, undergrads from more than 150 schools in the United States, along with the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada are now represented with the College Experience Experts category, with an onslaught of applications being sent into the VIDSIG review team every hour.