VIDSIG Receiving Hundreds of Athlete Inquiries Post-NIL Ruling

SAN FRANCISCO, July 15, 2021 -- Live, global video chat platform VIDSIG reported earlier some astonishing numbers since the July 1 ruling that has proven to be a momentous day for American sports, as thousands of college athletes across the nation are now eligible to profit from their own likeness through product endorsements, business ventures and public appearances.

Recently featured in both the Wall Street Journal and Sports Illustrated, VIDSIG has been thrust into the center of the NIL bonanza with some of the top college athletes in the country now vetted and approved to join the VIDSIG family. However, not all will make the cut.

“We’ve been speaking to the NCAA and dozens of schools about this impending ruling during the past year, and now that it’s here, we’re fortunately very well-positioned to help these well-deserving athletes earn considerable income while helping them also build their own personal brands,” stated Jonathan Yarnold, Chief Executive Officer of VIDSIG. “Beginning July 1, we immediately began receiving dozens of inquiries from athletes, which has now grown into hundreds”.

There is an extensive, hands-on approval process that VIDSIG employs for each and every applicant who submits their profile for consideration. Yarnold stated that for every applicant that is vetted and approved, roughly ten are kept in an “on-the-radar” queue, where the talent approval team continues to monitor each day.

“Each individual goes through the entire vetting process, where we gather facts, watch clips, and monitor social accounts,” stated Yarnold. “There is a distinct level of integrity, talent, and expertise that each member of our community must reach in order to be considered to be a new member of the VIDSIG family.”

VIDSIG’s College Experience Experts category has also grown into the hundreds during the past few weeks at over 150 schools throughout the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada. Hundreds of applicants continue to flow into the VIDSIG inboxes and dm’s every week, with no let-up appearing to be happening.